Q: Can I really do anything I want for a cufflink?

A: Sure! zinc offers simple elegant bespoke cufflink service for almost anything you can dream up. We will work with you to refine and craft your cufflink to suit the format limitations of the medium. 

Q: How much does bespoke cost?

A: Price is a function of volume. For small orders, depending on the complexity, we will charge a modest design fee. Larger orders get the mock-up and design charge waived. Fill out the form on the bespoke page to start the conversation.


Q: What metal do you use?

A: Most of the round series cufflinks are made from a sturdy lead and cadmium free zinc alloy swivel backing plated with a chrome finish. Other stock sets uses upcycled metal typewriter bits or silver plated base metals. Gold and silver are available as well. 


Q: I am a retailer and want stock. Help!




Q: I am a brand and I want branded cufflinks!

A: .We have stock! We love wholesale opportunities and are always looking for ways to partner with you and grow your business. contact us for our linesheet.



A: Awesome. You're our favourite. We can quickly mock up a sample for you. Send us your brand and we will send you the price list.